WCCB-08 Water Cooled Air Conditioner Controller

  • Description:

The WCCB-08 is a microprocessor-based controller that has been specifically developed WCCB-08 Water Cooled Air Conditioner Controllerfor water cooled (water source) air conditioning systems as used in high-rise home units, hotels and other types of commercial buildings. Its space saving design and ease of installation, saves time and money. The way this is achieved is by having all functions inclusive of fan speed, alarm outputs and the compressor directly controlled by the WCCB-08 without the need to add additional contactors or relays. All of the usual safety devices are also wired directly into the controller; such as pressure switches, over temperature sensors, water flow switches and various other interlock devices.


The WCCB-08 can be programmed to react to faults according to customer specifications by changing the program should you find the standard program not to your requirements.

  • Data Sheets:

WCCB-08 Information Sheet
WCCB-08 Schematic Drawing 1 Phase
WCCB-08 Schematic Drawing 3 Phase