H8100H 7 Day Programmable Floor Heating Touch Screen Thermostat.

  • Description:

The H8100H is a modern touch screen LCD thermostat designed forH8100H 7 Day Programmable Floor Heating Touch Screen Thermostat. the optimum control of floor heating installations. It comes with standard features like choice of 7 day, (5/2 day) programmable or non-programmable options which are installer selectable. 4 time and 4 temperature settings per day. Pre-programmed or personalised schedule. Energy savings up to 33% can be obtained by using the H8100H.

3PAK 240 Volt - 24 Volt AC Interface Module

  • Application:

The MJB Controls 3PAK has been designed where 240V equipmen3PAK 240 Volt - 24 Volt AC Interface Module t must be controlled by a 24V thermostat or equivalent device. This simple to install interface module provides total voltage isolation between the equipment (High Voltage) and controller/thermostat (Low Voltage).


DHC-100 Relative Humidity Controller

  • Description:

The DHC-100 Relative Humidity Controller is an electronic hydrostat DHC-100 Relative Humidity Controllerwhich uses a macromolecule humidity sensor. It features high accuracy, high immunity to interference and rapid response. It is widely used for humidification, dehumidification as well as measuring and display of relative humidity. Can be used for laboratory, hydroponics, mushroom farms, greenhouses, indoor farms, incubators, and textile applications etc.

  • Features and Functions:

Humidification, dehumidification modes
Alarm function when sensor fails
Alarm function when humidity exceeds limits
Delay time
Key lock function
Sensor calibration