Encapsulated HVAC Pressure Switches

  • Description:

The LP and HP series of low and high pressure encapsulated switches are primarilyEncapsulated HVAC Pressure Switches protective devices used as a safety monitor to make sure the running pressures of a HVAC or other Refrigeration system are not outside of specification. These can be made to customer specifications if required.

  • Specifications:

Max Voltage 240V
2.9 FLA – 15 LRA amp contact rating

Operating Temperature -35 to +120oC
Fly leads or 6.3 mm push on connectors
Screw on fitting (Schrader valve) or weld in

Manual or Auto reset
Life at rated current 100000 cycles
Dielectric strength 750Vrms terminal to terminal, 1500V rms terminal to case

  • Data Sheet

Encapsulated HVAC Pressure Switch Information Sheet