DHC-100 Relative Humidity Controller

  • Description:

The DHC-100 Relative Humidity Controller is an electronic hydrostat DHC-100 Relative Humidity Controllerwhich uses a macromolecule humidity sensor. It features high accuracy, high immunity to interference and rapid response. It is widely used for humidification, dehumidification as well as measuring and display of relative humidity. Can be used for laboratory, hydroponics, mushroom farms, greenhouses, indoor farms, incubators, and textile applications etc.

  • Features and Functions:

Humidification, dehumidification modes
Alarm function when sensor fails
Alarm function when humidity exceeds limits
Delay time
Key lock function
Sensor calibration

  • Specification:

Mounting size: 71(W) x 29(H) (mm)
Product size: 75(W) x 34.5 (H) x 85 (D) (mm)
Power supply: 240VAC+10%/-15%, 50/60HZ
Humidity measuring range: 0%~+99%
Humidity controlling range: +10%~+99%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: ± (5%RH+0.5digit) at 25℃
± (6%+0.5digit) at 0%RH~59%
± (8%+0.5digit) at others, when +10℃~+40℃
Relay output contact capacity: 10A/240VAC
Temperature annual drift: ±0.5%

  • Data Sheets:

DHC 100 Information Sheet