MTC-3000 Refrigeration Temperature Controller

  • Description:

The MTC 3000 is an electronic temperature controller withMTC-3000 Refrigeration Temperature Controller advanced features such as 0.1 deg resolution, administrator, user menus, key lock and copy key function. It is perfect for use in medium and low temperature installations like cool rooms and freezers and display cabinets.

  • Features and Functions:

Controls refrigeration, defrost and fan.
User and Administrator menus separately settable.
Temp display switchable between oC and oF.
Temp. measuring and controlling range: -50 ~ +110 ℃
Resolution of 0.1 deg.
COPYKEY function.

  • Specification:

Panel size: 75×34.5 (mm)
Mounting size: 71×29 (mm)
Product size: 75×34.5×85 (mm)
Power supply: 240VAC
Compressor relay contact capacity: 10A/240VAC
Blower (fan) and defrost relay contact capacity: 10A/240VA

  • Data Sheets:

MTC-3000 Information sheet

MTC-3000 Instruction Manual