MCCB-02 Condenser Management Controller

  • Description:

The MCCB-02 Microprocessor Condenser Controller has been developed for use inMCCB-02 Condenser Managment Controller residential and small commercial installations, where high performance operation over a wide temperature range is essential.

The MCCB-02 will help maintain the lowest noise levels possible, by using the minimum fan speed, whilst still maintaining maximum system efficiency.

  • Operation:

The MCCB-02 Condenser Controller provides optimum performance for both reverse cycle and cooling only systems. This is primarily achieved by the accurate control of the condenser fan speed to maintain the correct head pressure in both heating and cooling operations, as well as incorporating the latest in defrost control for improved system reliability and performance.


Many features are standard on the MCCB-02 Condenser Controller and can be enabled or disabled via the on board dip switches

  • Data Sheets:

MCCB-02 Information Sheet