WCCS-1 Programmable Water Cooled Package Air Conditioning Controller with Zone Control

  • Description:

The WCCS-1 Air Conditioning control system is a self explanatory, easy to use intelligent microprocessor controlled 7-day programmable controller specifically7 Day Programmable Thermostat Controller with Zone Control designed for the residential high rise water cooled package market. Features such as 3 speed fan control, HEAT / COOL / AUTO functions as well as zone control are standard. The host of installer and user programmable features are configured directly from the large LCD and are nothing more then a few button presses away (No more setting numerous and confusing dip switches)


The WCCS-1 has a clean, visually appealing shape, large blue backlit LCD that will look at home in even the most discerning of décor. Also included is a fast response temperature sensor for convenience, accuracy and comfort.


A secure menu is also incorporated for manufacturer representatives and service personal, where the system set-up, fault and running logs are stored. These can prove invaluable, particularly in troublesome installations that always seem to be running correctly when service personal arrive on site. All this and more is available at a touch of a button.

  • Features:

12 Hour countdown timer as standard.
7-Day programmable time clock is optional.
Controls up to 2 zones.
Simple menu driven system.
Large easy to read LCD.
Ease of use.
PIN protected menus.
3 speed fan with auto function
Small compact design.
Tactile buttons
Serial Communication used throughout the system.
Fault log.
Back light available in other colours.
Custom overlays available for the WCCS-1 (Customer branding)
Reduced installation time.
Low water temp, HP/LP protection standard
Perfect for replacing controls used on Australian made and imported water cooled package units.
Australian designed and manufactured.

  • Data Sheets:

WCCS-1 User Manual
WCCS-1 Schematic Drawing