HWCB Heat Pump Storage Hot Water Controller

  • Application:

The HWCB heat pump storage hot water controller designed and built by MJB HWCB Heat Pump Storage Hot Water ControllerControls is currently used by leading manufactures of heat pump hot water storage systems to supply reliable and constant hot water all year round to their customers.


Built using MJB Controls industry leading defrost technology using fuzzy logic, the HWCB will provide you with maximum energy efficiency which is good for your wallet as well as the environment. The MJB Controls HWCB has been tested and passed by Mechlab/UNSW for the new heat pump hot water regulations.


To provide maximum system efficiency the HWCB controls the compressor, fan, and reversing valve and compressor cooling solenoids. This provides total system control in a small easily adaptable package that can also be easily fitted to other brands or makes of hot water heap pump systems that may have had their control system fail.


Optional data logging can be provided. This may be of use in commercial applications that may

monitor or report energy usage.

  • Features:

All in one microprocessor system control
LED indication of system status and faults
Temperature monitoring of both tank and system
Adjustable water temperature

Adjustable dead band temperature
High and Low supply voltage system protection

Refrigerant LP and HP monitoring.
Field service tool available
Designed and built in Australia
Mechlab / UNSW tested
and passed.

  • Data Sheets:

HWCB Information Sheet
HWCB Schematic Drawing